And It Was Good

Our God has been creating since the beginning. This Premium Sermon Design Kit highlights creation and connects our salvation with God’s purpose for us. And It Was Good is a premium kit perfect for your next Sermon Series at your church.

BONUS: Includes an Extended Teaching Booklet

  • Series Outline
  • Sermon Overviews for 3 Weeks
  • Sermon Outline for 3 Weeks
  • Discussion Questions for 3 Weeks
  • Sermon Illustration Ideas for 3 Weeks
  • Social Media Post Ideas for 3 Weeks
  • Resource Guide for 3 Weeks

What's Included in this Premium Kit

Each Premium Sermon Design Kit includes everything you’ll need for your teaching series, so you can spend more time ministering to the people at your church! Every kit includes a teaching outline, a massive collection of done-for-you Graphic Design content, and produced Video content. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD Quicktime video files. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files, .JPG and .PNG images.

Video Content